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1907 Ithaca Hammerless trigerguard question.

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49 minutes ago, SuRrEaLNJ said:

My dad has a 1907 Ithaca Hammerless that were having a hard time finding information or parts, namely a triggergaurd for. Anyone familiar with this shotgun that can give some insight?




Ithaca Manier model hammerless, made from 1906-1908. 

Does your model have Damascus or fluid steel barrels? 

This is what you need to look for: 





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It would appear you got an option as I was typing this. I originally was going to say that I have seen someone make their own trigger guard using brass bar stock, which might be a fun project if you can't find a replacement.

I once made a replacement trigger guard for an airsoft gun out of a block of aluminum, which turned out surprisingly well considering my lack of proper tools.  That said, I did still have the original damaged plastic piece to attempt to duplicate.

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8 hours ago, SuRrEaLNJ said:

Parker, the triggergaurd slots into the front, not screws, and thats where we've been having the problem, everything we can find screws in

The trigger guard is usually threaded at the front of the bow to screw into the bottom of the trigger plate. (You can see that in the link I sent from gunpartscorp.com. Some have a thread or two, some have more, other's a simple quarter or half-turn thread. Screws go behind the trigger bow into the stock. There may be one wood screw, one metal screw to the frame top strap, or two wood screws. Every double is different is some small way. 

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1 hour ago, SuRrEaLNJ said:

Here's a couple more pictures of the triggergaurd slots at the front



You need to purchase the trigger guard if you can find one. That screws in to the first hole just forward of the double-triggers in the picture your provided. You will need the machine screw that holds the trigger plate to the frame. (That goes in the hole the string tag is looped through.) Then you'll need the machine screw that goes through the trigger guard to the tang of the receiver, and a wood screw that ties in the trigger guard to the stock. Hope this helps. 


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