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WTS: Vudoo V-22 Apparition Accuracy International AT chassis with Ares ETR Scope & ammo

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1033781629_Rifle1.thumb.jpg.e41a41e89004a0916643b209e939da83.jpgWTS: Vudoo V22 Apparition .22 LR in AI AT chassis. $4200 for everything.

Right handed, bolt action V22 repeater, 18" Kukri black Cerakote barrel, Atlas BT46-LW17 folding bipod.

2 10 Rd magazines

Mix of around 1500 Lapua CenterX, Midas +, and SK match rounds.

I had this custom built in the fall 2020, waited 14 weeks for it, and took possession of it in December. It is like new. Only one trip the range with it.

I'm gutted to sell this beautiful rifle. An amazing shooter.

Pictures uploaded here are taken with an iphone and may not be viewable to everyone. If you cannot see them and are interested, please send me a message and I will provide my cell #. I tried and failed to convert the images to jpeg files and get them to upload.

Will to meet at FFL to manage transfer. FID card required, obviously.

First one to post "I'll take it" wins the sale. I don't expect anyone to claim the rifle this way, but please message before doing so -- I also have it listed on gunbroker and want to avoid any confusion. Would rather sell it here, but it's a long shot...




Rifle 6.jpg

Rifle 4.jpg

Rifle 3.jpg

Rifle 2.jpg


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