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WTB Barnes 127g VOR-TX LR 6.5cm ammo

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    • Re: Training - Since it is a "right" (hahahahahaha...this is NJ...oh, I made myself sad. ), will we be implementing training for any other "rights?"  I'm guessing the state of NJ will also manage to set some sort of fee for this training as proof of completion, and that fee will of course be a reasonable sum of only $500 (to the state) and that courses will obviously only be available february 29th or the 5th Wednesday of any month.   Safe storage - *I* feel a reasonable person would think ones own home would be a secure location.   .50s - We see so many drive by .50bmg  shootings in this state. Sure would be nice if I didn't have to coat everything in 5" thick AR500 to prevent getting shot daily. So yes, lets ban all weapons over .50 cal. Coincidentally, lotta shotguns would become immediately illegal, so bonus for them!   Those damn kids - Government can send em off to war at 18, where I'm sure no one handles any guns ever. Maybe NJ should mandate that no NJ soldiers handle guns until 21, either. After all, they aren't with a parent or guardian. Strange how that being an adult thing shifts around depending on what it is you'd like to do...    Electronic ammo bullshit - I know of competitors who order multiple cases of .22 - 5000 per case. Just think how NJSP will salivate over going after that potential mass murderer with a single shot .22...  Besides, ammo is so cheap and plentiful these days, whats some more layers of bullshit to add to that?   Microstamping - glad things like millions of pistols in circulation, files, and spare firing pins don't exist. And better police your brass. Just go to ranges and collect free brass and spread it wherever you see fit to waste your own taxpayer dollars on useless investigations which will go nowhere anyway.
    • We are so far past the Gates of Hell already, they're long gone in the rear view mirror. Given the lessons from Weimar & Nazi Germany from the 20s and 30s, there is but one path remaining ahead for us. IS THE LINE READY ON THE RIGHT ?
    • WTS, 250 rounds, (new in box, 5 boxes, 50 rounds each) WINCHESTER 9MM LUGER / 147 GRAIN T- SERIES / RA9T Ammo and  250 rounds, (new in box, 5 boxes, 50 each) Federal 9MM LUGER / FMJ 124 GRAIN ammo.  Like to sell all to 1 buyer.  $425.00 for all. I'll knock off $25.00 for 1 buyer that comes to Forked River area.  THE FIRST POST, "I'LL TAKE IT", WINS THE SALE.  Please PM me
    • Hi.  Selling a new/never fired Palmetto State Armory PREMIUM NICKEL BORON BCG w/ Carpenter 158 Bolt for .223/5.56/.300aac. $140 shipped.  Comes in original box/tube.  Never used.  I accept PP (Fees on buyer), Venmo or Cash.  I'm in Bergen Country so local pickup is available. First to reply "I'll take it" wins the sale.  
    • You can now comment on the video - GIVE THEM OUR FEEDBACK!
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