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Old Glock guy

WTS .22LR ammo: Federal Champion and CCI AR Tactical

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Looking to lighten my inventory in anticipation of a move in the not too distant future, and perhaps help out some fellow NJGF members as well, so selling:

10 Boxes of Federal Champion .22 LR 36 grain JHP 525 bulk pack, $80 per box.

10 Boxes of CCI AR Tactical .22LR 40 grain CPRN 300 rounds, $60 per box.

I believe these are fair prices in the current market, based on recent in-stock selling prices I have found (actually these are toward the low end), but feel free to pm me if you have evidence to the contrary.

I'm going to limit this to three boxes per person to give more people a shot, and to limit reselling at a higher price.

As these are potentially handgun ammo, buyer will need FID and matching DL.  I'm in Wayne, so my first choice for a meeting spot would be Reloaderz, but I'm also down in Seaside Park fairly often, so I would be happy to meet somewhere near there. 

First people to post "I'll take it" on this thread get the ammo while it lasts. 

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Maybe priced too high?

Going to knock $10 a box off each of them, so the Federal for $70 per box of 525, the CCI $50 per box of 300.

Also, going to remove the limit, so feel free to take as much as you like. 

First to post "I'll take it" here gets the sale.

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