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Help with un-neutering an AK folding stock (Arsenal SLR-107CR) now that I've escaped PRNJ

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Got this previously owned AK a number of years ago while I was in NJ but am now living in Free America.

I'm not really an AK guy, so I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how this AK left-side folding stock was "permanently" fixed on this Arsenal SLR-107CR.

I believe the rifle was bought at Heritage Guild and the compliance work was done there.

Anybody have any ideas how these rifles were brought into compliance by the gunsmith on the folding stock?

I'm comparing my rifle versus the pics on the Arsenal website and it seems the the rifle should have a button on the receiver but mine doesn't.  Was there a NY/NJ compliant version of this rifle produced and/or is this a fixed stock, non-folder version?  My rifle does have the 4.5mm hinge pin.  Maybe I'm just being dense...

Thanks in advance.




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