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Thanks all for the feedback.

My wife's co-worker contacted her and is taking the car.




Looking to sell our 2004 Subaru Forester.

It had about 95,000 miles and I'm the 2nd owner.  I bought it used from a dealer about 6 years ago when it had 23,000 miles on it.

I used it as a commuter at first (Wayne to Secaucus) and then we used it as a 3rd car for the family and my 3 oldest kids learned to drive on it.  Since we've had it we had the AC replaced, belts replaced, battery replaced, an oxygen vent replaced, tires and brakes done, and regular oil changes.  Otherwise it's a regular Forester.  AWD, automatic transmission, a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.  It has all-weather floor mats (front and rear), an all weather mat in the cargo area, and a sliding cover/shade for the cargo area.  I also has a modern radio installed with detachable face and USB port.

No accidents.  Interior needs to be cleaned.  No smokers in the vehicle, just teenagers/20-somethings.

It still runs well, and likely has a lot of years left in it HOWEVER the check engine light is on and my mechanic tells me that (like most Foresters of that generation) it needs a new head gasket.  It won't pass inspection with the engine light on, so this would need to be fixed.  It needs new front tires as well.

I have another kid who will need something to drive in a few years, so instead of fixing this one up and letting him drive a 20 year old vehicle, we're getting a newer commuter and selling this one.

My mechanic said I should put a sign on it for $1,000 and try to sell it locally, but I don't think I have the patience for that.  I figured I'd put it up here for a couple of days and see if anyone was interested before calling one of those donations companies that takes it away to auction for a tax deduction.

My NJ Gun Forum price is $850.  If someone had an AR10, or maybe a .22 precision/match rifle (one of my kids competes with a Jr Rifle club) maybe we'd talk about trading, but that gets complicated, so cash would be best.

Thanks for looking!









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i'm not asking for me.....but could you list the code? and the head gasket? just leaking oil, or is the gasket breached? for this price, anyone up that way with basic skills should jump on this.

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7 minutes ago, 124gr9mm said:

i probably phrased it wrong. i meant to describe what's wrong with it...if it's breached into the combustion chamber, you'll get a misfire sometimes only on startup. if it's just leaking oil it's slightly less critical to replace fast.

 i wasn't trying to be a wise guy....was trying to help ya get someone interested, 'cause it's kinda a steal at the price you're asking.

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