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WTS Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP)

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     This is a Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP) almost brand new. It is for really fast and high volume case preparation /de priming / re-sizing / lead bullet sizing. If not familiar with it go to you tube for videos of it in action. It is REALLY FAST and worked great for me; I only used it twice and processed all the brass that I have about 1,000 rounds and don’t shoot enough to warrant keeping it. Included with it are three additional   special shell case holders (6 in total) the Lee universal case feeder and colator with a shell deflector, that REALLY speeds things up, and a plastic bin for catching finished cases. I have it set up on a plywood jig that will fasten to any bench or table top but it can also be direct mounted.

                       I have over $200.00 invested here looking to get $150.00 for all.  Pick up only in Linden, N.J. 07036. 


                                           First to post "ILL TAKE IT" wins the sale. 




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There were 3 holders that came with the press originally, I don't remember exactly which ones they were but I know that I added the ones for 38 special, 9mm (40 S&W) and 45 colt. The Lee numbers are 1,2,4,13,14,and19. I don't know exactly which ones are which but they will fit a bunch of different cartridges. I don't know what a military brass swager is so unless it was included with the original Lee package I don't think so. 


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