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2nd amendment taken away

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Hi everyone... I'm new here. I'm Neo. Is there anyone here in the union, NJ area? Everyday I become more concerned about this tyrannical government taking our guns and found the need to meet other gun owners to stand with if and when we have to use our 2and amendment rights. 

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 Permit me to offer some context.

In the view of the framers, the right to self-defense and the means to effect it is inherent and God given. It is a natural right. It is obvious to any sentient human being, especially anyone who has been specifically threatened or attacked.

The 2nd Amendment does not grant the right to the citizens. It prohibits the governments, state and federal, from screwing around with that right.

So if the time comes, you will not be 'using your 2nd Amendment rights' to defend yourself against a tyrannical government.

You will be using your God given natural rights because the government (state and/or federal) has decided to violate the specific 2nd Amendment prohibition and to try to subjugate you.

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Reminds me of the story of the gopher and the swami standing on top of a hill, looking down on almost 9 million sheep in the valley below.

The gopher says "Let's go down there and fuck some of those sheep"

The swami replies "Let's go down there and fuck 'em all. I know how. I went to law school."

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