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Shooters and re-loaders beware, there is a "gun shop" in Austin Texas reporting to have primers, powder and ammunition in-stock at normal retail pricing and cheap shipping. Only the gun shop is not a real gun shop, they do not have an FFL even though they say they do, and they are getting payment's through PayPal friends and family to a personal Email account. Just so many things didn't add up with this place.

The Website is BULMEXUSA.COM. If you purchase anything from these guys you will loose your money and there is nothing you can do about it. I have already reported them to the Texas authorities and to my local ATF office. I know of 3 people just today that lost their money with these scammers. A group of shooting buddies ordered (but didn't pay for) over 70,000 primers that these guys said were in stock. When it came time to pay all the red flags went up. None of us lost any money because we were smart enough to recognize the red flags.

  • No listing of the business with the ATF as a registered gun shop
  • No listing of the business anywhere in Texas for that matter.
  • I called them and asked for a copy of their FFL. They wouldn't give it to me. I asked for the first three numbers and last five numbers to check on the ATF site, wouldn't give it to me. They cited "scam artists on the web use their information to sell guns". Isn't that a coincidence.
  • Website lists a range and all types of facilities, google earth shows a small building (former bank) that is listed for sale on a commercial property site in Texas.
  • Normal Retail Pricing on primers and ammunition.
  • Seemingly no limit to the amount you can buy and keep buying. 
  • $20 flat shipping fee, NO HAZMAT
  • Payment made by PayPal "Friends and Family", "Apple Pay", or "Zelle". All three of these payment methods is as good as sending cash in the mail. You can never get it back and nobody to complain to.
  • All types of spelling and grammatical mistakes on the web site. I'm sure everything is registered in Texas but definitely a Mexican based scam.
  • Images of their facilities and inventory of ammunition and primers are stock photos I found almost immediately on Google Images. One image shows a counter filled with ammo for sale. That image is an old image I found on Google of a gun shop in Georgia, a legit gun shop.

There are others but that's enough, pass the word along anywhere you browse on forums, stay away from these clowns. No telling how many people lost money. They have an Instagram site that claims to have 1,800 followers.

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