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WTS Sig 516 patrol gas piston rifle

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    • Fucking Burlington County ...   Any hopes of a nonbullshit filled process with the courts was dashed 10 min's ago.  Called the court house to discuss turnaround times.  They couldn't/wouldn't provide a turnaround time.  Guy on the phone said all applications are going to the prosecuters office for review prior to Judge Terrence Cook signing them.   They get 30 days then I'm having a laywer write a letter.  We can't play games with these people.    Hopefully they follow the law/guidance and I'll have my permit early September.  
    • I was there too! I shot in the second group. Overall I thought it was done well and would recommend it to others looking to qualify. I had no problems hearing the commands during the COF either. I shanked one near the start but then I slowed myself down and had no further problems. Next I will call the local PD to setup a time to drop everything off!
    • I successfully qualified this morning at Shooters in LEH. Thanks to all here for their support. I had 3 shots off the Q target scoring area, 2 were just outside the line, one was about 3/4" high and left. All told, not too awful a performance. Instructor was Dave Cope, who apparently is the one who was previously criticized here for "yelling" or "barking". I had no issue or problem with the way he condicted the qualification. He explained in the classrom before we went to the range that he was going to be commanding the next item on the course of fire on the range in a loud voice. Then he went over what all of those commands were going to be in the classrom in detail. He was also very accommodating to the limitations of my 5-shot revolver. There was one participant who said after class that he "wasn't used to being yelled at like that". I'm guessing he is single  Honestly, I didn't consider what he did to be at all excessive. I have trained in several martial arts forms in my life, and believe me, those instructors knew how to yell at students.  Now on to get my photos & notarization, submit my packet to NJSP, get fingerprinted, then settle in for what is hopefully not too long a wait. 
    • I successfully qualified this morning.Steps remaining are: passport photos; S. P. 642 notarization; fingerprinting. I phoned NSP Woodbine Station, and the officer confirmed that I need to submit my packet to get a Contributor Case Number to schedule fingerprinting (boo!) and that I will need to schedule an appointment at Woodbine to submit my packet. Not too happy with that, but at this point, my reaction is "whatever.."
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