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My 50 bmg exploded

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I just saw that posted on another forum.


I enjoy watching his videos so I'm glad his father was there that day to help save his life.

I like the idea of the SERBU as a low-cost alternative to other 50BMG's out there, but I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be running "hot" rounds or rounds of unknown origin/stability through one.

Reloading my own ammo gave me an appreciation for how big of a difference a few grains of powder can make to a rifle round, and the biggest caliber I load is .308!!!!

Hope he makes as full a recovery as possible and continues his channel.

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1 hour ago, Krdshrk said:

Honestly - this could happen with any gun... 

It happened to my father with a .40 S&W Glock 22. A hot reload (loaded to 100% and likely seated too deep) exploded the slide at the range. Luckily the shrapnel just grazed his hand. 

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