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WTS Jaguar crossbow 175lb, $145 SOLD

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WTS Jaguar 175 lb camo crossbow with camo carrying bag, 3-dot Red Dot, detachable 6 arrow quiver (with 3 arrows included), 2 string replacements, cocking puller, 8 spare arrow heads. Barely used, like new.

Price $145, location Clifton, NJ

Questions? Please call or text 973 919 0812 

Crossbow 6.png

Crossbow 5.png

Crossbow 3.png

Crossbow 4.png

Crossbow 2.png

Crossbow 1.png

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    • By MichaelDiggs
      I have my Aimpoint red dot zeroed in perfectly at 25 yards. I finally got the chance to shoot my second rifle outside at 50 yards. Red dot easily seen, but EVERY hole was a few inches above where the red dot was at. I know there must be a technical explanation on this and if I set my red dot below where I want the bullet to go it will go into the bulls eye. Is there a good site I can read on the technical aspects on how all that works? I didn't think a difference of 25 yards would be so great, and I certainly do not nor expect everyone zeroes their red dot all the time if they change distances. Just looking to learn and understand better.
    • By MichaelDiggs
      It is me again!
      Anyone here use a magnifier with their red dot? Is the whole idea to let you see further out or just more in your face with the red dot? How do you hit a 12 x 24 target at 100 yards? Will a magnifier let you take that task? I know for sure a nice scope would do it, but I wanted the red dot for those shorter outings and I would be shooting < 100 yards most of the time. So I picked out a 3x magnifier that isn't very expensive but has a good name behind it. They also make a 6x model. Comes with a mount where you can just push the magnifier to the side when you don't want to use it or QD right off the rail. Is it something to eventually look at? 
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      I just took delivery of this sight and the reticle is completely fuzzy at all brightness levels.  The horseshoe looks like it has three lines and the chevron is not distinguishable at all...it looks like a blurry dot!  I'm thinking this has to be a completely defective sight!  I'll be contacting them to send back tomorrow. 
      Anyone else have any experience with one of these?  I know it's not an Aimpoint or Eotech but after some research it looked like a decent optic for the price point~
    • By M4BGRINGO
      I couldn't stand the sights on this revolver. Had to paint them just to see them. I still stink-up the place with it. I could have thrown it better than I shot with it. So............Much to the dismay of revolver and iron sights shooters like Ray Ray and Alec, here is what she looks like now, and I was hitting a 3" group at 25 yards!

      Took about 1/2 hour to drill and tap the revolver. Now I'll take it out once in awhile and try to hit some steel again with it.
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    • I've used references from Delaware for my FID card and for multiple handgun purchase permits since I live in Salem County and used to work just over the bridge.  Never had a problem with it.  I would think they would accept the same for CCW but the only way to be sure would be to ask what ever department you are applying through. 
    • That's not the qualification at GFH.  From their website:   Qualification Course: In the range you will demonstrate familiarity of safe handling of firearms. Upon successful completion you will be given a certificate to submit with your application. All of our instructors are PTC, NRA and LE certified. Gun For Hire has been qualifying security, private carry and retired police since 1992.  This is not a beginner course! You will be required to demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy. It is pass or fail. – No holster needed – All shooting from the ready position – 50 rounds per firearm – FBI Q target – 24 rounds at 7 yards – 14 rounds at 10 yards – 6 rounds at 15 yards – 6 rounds at 25 yards For a total of 50 rounds. Must hit at least 40 rounds out of 50 (80%)
    • The qualification requirements for obtaining a carry permit in New Jersey are the same as the FBI in-service qualification HQC-1 using the FBI Q type target. It is broken down into 8 segments 25 yd, 15, 10, 7, 5 and 1. In all segments you are required to draw from concealed, fire and hit the target. Positions are standing, kneeling, and ready. There is one segment where you must shoot with your "off hand" another where you must do a quick magazine reload.  Time of each segment varies from 2 to 30 seconds as fast shooting. You will fire 60 rds and be required to hit the target 48 times or more to pass the qualification test. Most ranges will NOT allow you to draw and fire a loaded gun from a  holster so this must be looked at. You can only qualify with the pistol that you intend to carry. Not easy right now as the requirements for NJ carry are identical for FBI agents and law enforcement..
    • Can someone explain what the timing limits are for the quals?  I know it’s 50 rounds broken down at various distances, but what is the timing requirement in total or per distance?
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