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Ammo Price Guide 6-13-21

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To help buyers and sellers alike, I've gone to AmmoSeek and looked up the current pricing for the most popular pistol, rifle and rimfire cartridges.  All ammo (unless otherwise noted) is grade A factory new (no reman)  brass case re-loadable with a full metal jacket. 

This list does NOT reflect the lowest prices, nor the highest.  The sky is the limit for the greedy exploiters, and lower prices can be found on grade B and remanufactured ammo.  This guide is intended to show the current low/high average bracket price ammo may be obtained.  It does not mean it will be in stock.  Your best bet for finding and obtaining the lowest prices is to create an account at several on-line resellers and put yourself on notify lists.


9mm           115gr           40-47.5 ¢pr

45ACP        230gr           68-70 ¢pr

40 S&W      165-170gr    56-58 ¢pr

380Auto     95gr             60-70 ¢pr



.223REM                 55gr               55-60 ¢pr

5.56M855               62gr               60-65 ¢pr

7.62/308                147gr             70-80 ¢pr

6.5 CM                   140gr             2.00-2.50 $pr

7.62Commie(S)   122gr             29-35 ¢pr

7.62 Commie(B)   123gr             47-60 ¢pr



CCI Mini-Mag    36gr CPHP   12-13 ¢pr

Note:  almost every brand and type of 22lr is hovering around 10.5-14 ¢pr, even the garbage.

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