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Need a shotgun, Kentucky Gun Company with the hook up!

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    • By Mikecap26
      Hey everyone,  I'm a new gun owner and I love the gun community!  What I don't love is NJ and their ambiguous and backwards gun laws.  I wanted to get a pump action bullpup shotgun and was looking at the Kel Tec KS7 and KSG.  While trying to compare them with other brands I found it was almost impossible to find a list of pump action bullpup shotguns for around $1,000 or less.  Does anyone have any good recommendations besides the black aces tactical?  Thank you in advance for your time and help.  Have a great memorial day and God bless those who lost their loves making the ultimate sacrifice
    • By Smokin .50
      by Black Wire Media Wed. Nov. 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us
      The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is proud to announce we've scheduled our first Hog Hunt of the new season for Sunday January 26th. So mark your calendars and watch for our event page & sign-up on our website (coming SOON!). The guided Hunt is ideal for beginners & anyone looking for a challenge since this is a "NO license, ANY weapon" affair held on a 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Raffles, swag, lunch included. Stay Saturday night & party with us (Dutch Treat) OR come Sunday. A great way to fill the freezer & support NJ's busiest 2A group!
      Hunt includes hot lunch served on the island, field dressed hog, goody bag w/ swag items, raffles for great prizes (BRING CASH ON ISLAND) & all the memories you can take home!
      We recommend V. Roche & Son Butchers in Whitehouse Station, NJ.  A CNJFO sponsor, they have a renowned reputation for excellent service!
      Register HERE:  

    • By Mossy500
      I got a shotgun as a gift from my relative who visited me in NJ. I need to take this to an FFL to do the proper transfer (Firearms Transaction Record/ATF Form 4473), right? I do have the NJ Firearms Purchaser ID and I understand the handgun permit I was recently issued is only good for intra-state (NJ) transactions..
      Thanks for any pointers in advance.
    • By remixer
      Fausti Excelsior Model 88 12ga
      Great Condition  -  $350.00
      Additional Pictures on request.





    • By remixer
      Browning A5 12Ga (Circa 1967)
      Mint Condition , No Cracks in the stock  -  $750.00
      Additional Pictures on request.


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    • $770. No sales tax. Pick up in DE with low transfer fee or ship to NJ dealer for $36. Beretta USA JX4922105 Cx4 Storm 9mm Luger 16.60" 10+1 Flat Dark Earth Flat Dark Earth Fixed Thumbhole Stock Flat Dark Earth Polymer Grip Right Hand
    • Looking for one of these as a companion for my 92fs...  it gets lonely and wants to stick its mag in other firearms
    • I know how you feel....It's like they keep having babies!
    • You go to the gun store, find the gun you want, and then fill out the paperwork for the background check and pay for it. You do have to wait ten days from the time you buy it to the time you pick it up. But there's none of this business of getting a permit from the police department or anything like that. That doesn't exist there. They do have an approved firearms list, and anything not on that list you can't buy. My army vet friend who lives there, for example, can't buy a fifth generation Glock like we NJ people can because they're not on the list. Only the third generation Glock is. Also, assault rifles cannot have even one "evil feature." Here you can have one. However, some counties there are shall-issue for carry permits. Some are not. My friend has a carry permit and he's not a cop or ex-cop or anything like that.
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