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Remove Magazine Tube Detents On Rem 870

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Does anyone know of a NJ Gunsmith (central/south jersey) that can remove the mag tube detents using Brownell's dent raiser or something similar? I don't want to drill or grind them out and I don't want to buy an $85 tool I'm only going to need once for 10 minutes. Or, does anyone have one they're willing to rent to me? 

Also, I'm not looking to pound a socket down into the tube to remove the detents either. I know that's an option but not one I'm willing to utilize. 

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6 hours ago, PK90 said:

Do you own a socket set?

While I get that a lot of people do that, if you get a socket with sloppier dimensions… can be a pain. Besides, when you are buying a socket, the internal dimension is the only one that really matters.

You can get the XS swage for about $40… that was a quick search. Unsure if you can find for cheaper, but definitely look around.


When you do it, get some grease, and lather the swage and tube up. You want it to come out as easy as possible. Hammer it in slowly, then once it is fully seated, use a brass hammer and tap the detents… which should break them away from the swage. If you can’t twist it (I used an adjustable wrench), keep hitting the detents. Once they are free, the swage will spin and come out with little effort.

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