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Czech Republic Senate Passes 2A Of Their Own

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37 minutes ago, FXDX said:

just seen that, pretty cool image of the kids. I guess no gender and CRT studies for Czech Republic kids.

Right! Unlike the ignorant infants raised here, they've had multiple first-hand experiences with real, hard core leftists that they're not likely to forget.

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After being born and raised in Europe ( not in a comblock country) but having lived most of my adult life in the US as a naturalized American I never thought I would consider retiring in any other place but the US.

Sure, the gun laws in Florida or Tennessee will always be better than in the Czech Republic. But it also doesn't have any of this CRT, common core and all the assorted leftist bulshit that plagues the US.

It should surprise no one that the folks that experienced the blessings of socialism/communism last want it the least.

Besides it's never too late to learn a new language.



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