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I joined the CMP a couple years ago with the hope of getting my first Garand.  I see the Field Grade in stock for $650 but the 3 pages of paperwork one needs a Notary!  A copy of my FFLs license, etc.  They make you jump through hoops for sure and I have no clue if I get a decent rifle or a train wreck!  What is the advantage of going this route to get one?

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You get to buy 12 per year. It was nice years ago. would get 12 delivered to home before 2010. CMP would NICS you no charge. Paperwork is a PIA. But if you can order multiples. At least 1 or 2 out of 3 will be nice. I can take apart and rebarrel and repart anything on them. So, it is worthwhile for me. Not worth it for most. Why go through the BS for a POS. I have a load of stocks ready. Boxes of handguards so I get a 3 piece match on parts.  This is a box of sight parts alone. 


Barrels https://imgur.com/a/Brm9EKD

Gas Cylinders https://imgur.com/a/CSSwNro

stock metal https://imgur.com/a/3EtwKhu

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