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High Exposure

WTS: HE’s Misc Gear and Accessories

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Cleaned the basement and this stuff has to go. Open to offers of price doesn’t seem right.
Everything is in great condition. Some stuff still has tags on it. I will update this post as items sell, and I will be adding to it as I find more stuff.
If you’d like to discuss trade ideas, let me know via PM.
Venmo and cash preferred. I’ll take a USPSMO, but you’ll have to wait till I get it and deposit it before I ship anything.
I live near Sandy Hook and work in Middlesex County. I am open to Face to Face deals that aren’t too far out of my way. Otherwise, if you want something shipped, add $8 to get it to you. If you want extra insurance, let me know and we’ll figure it out.
Photos on request via PM.
For Sale:
• Eagle FB pouch - holds 2 AR mags with 4 Glock mags stacked in front, MOLLE attachment, black - $80
• ESSTAC Triple M4 Tall KYWI magazine pouch, Malice Clips included, black- $55
• Safariland MLS fork and plate (no hardware) - $10
• Reptilia 10mm RMR/Holosun riser - $40
Thanks for looking. More to come soon - (slings, holsters, AR parts)
First to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale.

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New additions:
• CHPWS Glock MOS V4Defender Plate for RMR (Tnuts included but no screws) - $55
• Butler Creek 13/14 cap (eye side) - $5

• Monstrum Scope Caps size 31-36 and 43-48 - $5 each
• X2 Surefire ST07 pressure switch - $30

• UTG (airsoft quality) T1/T2 and Holsosun 403/503 mount - $10 (absolute cowitness maybe…)
All Rules in original post apply.
First to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale.

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Just now, Mr.Stu said:

We don't do any size jokes when HE is the subject. You should know that.

HE may short in height but not in stature and wisdom!  That and the fact that he is a much better shot I am.....I would Not choose to mess with him!:)

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1 hour ago, Mr.Stu said:

Completely tongue in cheek - but if HE don't want it, why would I want it? :D



I just have too much stuff.

Every time I go in my basement, I build a new rifle or gun belt, or something. One small piece turns into an 85% complete project and I have to buy more stuff to complete it.

It’s gotta go! The unused stuff in the basement is costing me too much money!! :rofl:  :rofl: 

Buy my stuff! Get good gear!!

1 hour ago, JohnnyB said:


It's not junk!  Just proves that sometimes his eyes are bigger than his stomach holster!:lol:


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