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would this be nj legal for magazines?

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im a welder fabricator by trade i cant imagine this not being permanent

would this be legal if i do it myself drill thru whole mag with a solid piece of bar...weld each end of mag?

this is a side view obviously

ten round limiter.jpg

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31 minutes ago, 82flh said:

what would be a good material to use as the pin going thru? i guess any steel rod? all  mags are all steel except 10....my others are pmags not sure about them...might just sell them

Welding steel to steel is far easier than welding anything else to steel, right? I guess you could braze or silver solder something else. Hopefully you have a TiG or something as mag bodies tend to be pretty thin gauge steel.

They still haven't delivered the wood welder I ordered from Etsy :D


The issue I see with you proposal is the bar is going to interfere with the mag spring. You would be better off installing a vertical block/bar that fits inside the spring and limits how far down the mag the follower can go.

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