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Tropical Storm Ida Ravaging NJ

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8 hours ago, High Exposure said:

it sounded like someone was throwing pennies against my windows

That was giant raindrops falling to Earth at a 91 degree angle.

We did not get nearly the amount of damage I thought we would, nothing like what you got up by you.  There was relatively little to clean up in the 22 lawns I cut today.  A few big limbs on a couple of properties was about it.  I saw some large limbs down on other properties, but not trees down.

If you heard a freight train in your back yard, that was probably a MB.  When we had a MB here in 2002 (I think), it was frightening, like nothing I'd ever heard or seen.  I took my 5 yo son to the basement.  The duration was maybe 10 minutes.

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