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question on 110 tig welder for welding muzzle brakes

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Without seeing it, probably. The guy next door has a 120v Mig outfit and welds all kinds of stuff with it. He could does 1/8 and some 1/4  inch nicely.  IMO Tig is best for what you're doing, you have better control and great for welding dis-similar metals plus not going to use burn it up with too much heat. If your guy is confident in his ability it should be fine and no or little grinding.  

I have an old 240Volt Arc (stick) AC welder which is brutal on finer stuff. DC mode is best for out of position welding like overhead and in-position or in position stuff like pipe welding (that can't be moved) where AC is limited to horizontal and flat only.  I always wanted to get a Tig/Mig outfit but don't do enough to justify buying one. anyway if you guy is good it should be fine

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There's literally factor pin and welds on 14.5" guns being done with a 110 mig in a jig. I don't see why a tig would have any more problem. The first pic, the pin is too high. The second pic is about how I've seen the depth done, although it looks like more chamfer than necessary. 


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