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New Gun owner (soon hopefully) what gear do I need?

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Hi all,

hopefully I will be a new gun owner before the end of the year I was wondering what additional gear I would need in addition to my hand gun.

I bought a gun safe, but I’m not sure what other logistics I would need other than ammo.

Any suggestions would be great.


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43 minutes ago, Mr.Stu said:

I would start the list of essentials as follows:

  1. Safety instruction
  2. Hearing protection
  3. Eye protection
  4. Cleaning supplies
  5. Targets

I think this covers it.  One addition:  a range membership. 

ok, one more:  begin budgeting for the next one. 

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Thank you so much for the replies!  I plan on joining Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe once I actually get my firearm (these approval times are insane).  I’ve signed up for the NRA home gun course it through ROC training at UHGC.  That course does not require a firearm and seems to have a lot of good knowledge for first time gun owners.  It will also get me more exposure to the club.  

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Some incidentals that may also want to have.

Range bag

Tools (screw drivers, torx, allen keys, etc)

Staple gun if you don’t use adhesive targets


If you go to a rifle range...

Binoculars or a spotting scope, maybe a sandbag/rest, a mat if you shoot prone, a smaller mat if your shooting benches are rough concrete.

Scopes are nice but you can shoot 200 yds with a decent red dot if you don’t want to spend $$$ on a scope just yet.

An AR500 steel target. 12 inch is a decent size.  And a can of white spray paint.  Plus a way to hang it. Search that and you’ll find some options.

A target stand that your range approves of for paper targets.  I think most ranges require targets at a height that will put rounds into the backstop when passing through the target. As opposed to skipping off the dirt down range. Check the rules for where ever you shoot.

Some people like brass catchers.  I’ve tried just one type and found it to be more of a hassle than it was worth. Just my opinion. But sweeping up your brass is also a hassle. Yet one or the other are usually required.

Necessity will help with the rest.  Have fun.

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Not to be repetitive as it was said in the first response, but safety. If you can not attend a class, there are plenty of youtube videos that can teach you how to load, unload, grip, fire and clear malfunctions. 

You can learn all that in the safe and stress free environment of your home. I highly recommend picking up some snap caps in the caliber of your gun. Make sure there are no live rounds, and load a magazine with the snap caps. Then you can practice safely performing these different manipulations of the gun, being muzzle conscious and safe. You can also practice getting a proper sight picture and dry fire. That will also help when you get to the range. Once there, remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you are pointed down range and take aim at the threat.

Other than that, congrats and enjoy!

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Thanks all for the replies.  I recently attended a basic Firearm home safety course through ROC Training.  Definitely learned a lot, but it was a "hands off" class so to speak.  I plan on being a member of the Union Hill Gun Club once I... actually... you know can legally purchase a gun! But I was told I can take individual lessons there they will bring out any firearm I want to try so I thought that was cool.  I plan on doing a basic pistol shooting course when I can some time as well as some individual lessons.  I am in the market for a Range bag/case I already know what case I want to transport my firearm in but I am having difficulty settling on a case for ammo, eyes, ears etc.... I heard Pelican cases are great, what do you all think?

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