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WMA Range Shooting

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I'm going to get my NJ hunting license soon.  (I've completed the online hunter education course and am awaiting the field day training next week.). After I obtain my license I understand I can use the available ranges per the regulations below.


One of the regulations is:

At least one (1) member of the shooting party must have a current, valid New Jersey hunting license in possession.

I have the following question: Will I be able to take other family members to shoot with me even though they do not have FIDs? (i.e. they will be using my rifles.)

Thanks for any and all feedback.

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Fid card has nothing to do with the free wma ranges. 

Fid card and or the hunter education cert card are not valid for wma range use. Must have a valid hunting license (gun or bow). 

Once you pass your NJ hunting education you then need to purchase your annual NJ firearm hunting license. Whether you take 1 or 10 people,  as long as you have that current (year) license on your person you are legal. 

Also make sure the rifles are legally allowed based on NJ wma rules.  Their are restrictions. 

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