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WTS - Lots of Ammo - Boxes and By the Round - 9mm 22LR 556 44mag and 12g shot and slugs

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Hey all, moving out of the country in a year so unloading all my gear slowly starting with the ammo, heres what I got:


9mm - By The Round From Ammo Box - (dont remember what brand it is but probably S&B) - $0.40/round

9mm - 40 Boxes of S&B 115 - $20/box

22LR - By The Round From Ammo Box (CCI 40 grain Target Standard Velocity) - $0.08/round [pending]

22LR - 2 Boxes of CCI 40 grain Target Standard Velocity - $40/box [pending]

223/556 - By The Round From Ammo Box (Mix of Tulsa Range Friendly and something shiny idk) - $0.45/round

12 Gauge  - By The Round From Ammo Box (Remington Gun Club 12 gauge shot) - $0.35/ round [sold]

12 Gauge - 20 Boxes of Remington rifled slug - $8/box

44 Magnum - 2 boxes of  Remington HTP 44 - $36/box


Located in Elizabeth NJ


Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.45.51 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.45.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.44.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.44.41 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.44.34 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.44.28 PM.png



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    • By 0Jeep4
      -1,000 Rds loose.
      Will come with metal ammo can. 
      $800 or B/O 
      Willing to spilt if needed
      (2) 500rds for $400 each. 
      First I’ll take it “wins” please PM after commenting. 

      Located In Monmouth County
    • By Casual Shooter
      WTS: 45 ACP PMC Bronze 500 Rounds - SOLD
       PMC 45 ACP Bronze 230 Gr. FMJ
      Ten (10) boxes of 50 rounds                       
        $325.00 Cash
      FID and matching DL required. Located in Morris County, Morris Plains area 07950.
       The first to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale followed by PM to confirm.

    • By Oaktreepeepee
      Does anyone have experience with Jim Flynn’s in glen Gardner nj, I bought a bag of 9mm Ammo for my Glock 19 gen 5 and I was wondering if it’s good Ammo and if it’ll be safe to fire in my Glock. Thank you- TD
    • By this_is_nascar
      Looking to sell the .22lr ammo, pictured below.  I have (3) boxes available.
      Buyer must have a DL and FID with matching name, address, etc.  I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles or so from Gloucester City, zipcode 08030.
      I'm asking $100 per box.  Price reduced to $75 per box.
      The 1st "I'll take it" will get the sale(s).
      Thanks for looking.
      Sale pending.

    • By this_is_nascar
      Looking to sell the 9mm ammo, pictured below.  I have the following available.
      American Eagle = 8, 50rd boxes.
      Federal = 10, 50rd boxes.
      Buyer must have a DL and FID with matching name, address, etc.  I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles or so from Gloucester City, zipcode 08030.
      I'm asking $32 per box or $240 for all the American Eagle.
      I'm asking $32 per box or $300 for all the Federal.
      Take it all for $525.
      The 1st "I'll take it", with clarification of which they want, will get the sale(s).
      This is my 1st FS post here, so I hope I've covered everything.  Thanks for looking.

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    • I've also read covid is to blame, due to restrictions on the number of people allowed on set or in the armory at one time. They claim that is why the guns were left unsupervised outside of the armory on a cart. This NY Post article is one of the more detailed I've seen. It's also where my question in another thread of what Baldwin would have done if the script called for him to put the gun to his temple and pull the trigger came from.  https://nypost.com/2021/10/25/no-denying-alec-baldwins-role-in-shooting-mishap-tragedy/  
    • As  we are under a State of emergency and the Sun is out at LBI, try these on for size:  
    • Multiple sources now confirm the reports you saw. The armorer and AD cleared the gun and it was handed to Baldwin for staging/blocking...but the cast/crew then broke for lunch and some crew members WENT PLINKING WITH THE GUNS! Armorer, AD, and Baldwin obviously didn't clear the gun prior to resuming things, and Baldwin shot the girl.  
    • WTS my Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol. Has 2 NJ compliant 10 round magazines. Pistol is in like new condition (see photos). Bought new right before the pandemic and never got to shoot it...now moving to NYC so need to move it.  Will also include a pistol wire lock. Asking $350, buyer pays FFL fees. Asking to meet and sell it by this Friday 10/26 Must have matching FID and photo ID. Looking to go through Long Shot Pistol and Rifle FFL in Secaucus, but open to other nearby FFLs. Payment MUST be made prior to or at deposit of gun with FFL.  IMG_5548.HEIC IMG_5543.HEIC IMG_5547.HEIC
    • Is the Black Aces Tactical S Max NJ legal with the birds head grip on it?  Barrel is 18.5" but not sure what the OAL is with the birds head grip.  It's 39" with the stock.  Their Pro S with 14" barrel (non-nfa not a shotgun) is 26.5", so guessing it would be 29" OAL.   Pro S Max (Semiautomatic) – Black Aces Tactical
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