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Beretta CX4 Storm - 9mm

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WTS Beretta CX4 Storm in 9mm (Black).  Very good condition.  Used but I have not fired it.  Beretta side accessory rail (mounted).  Beretta CX4 Storm hard case.  (4) Beretta M92F magazines (3 are new, still in packaging).  (2) MecGar M9 magazines.  Beretta sight tool.  Beretta speed loader.  DeSantis M48 Storm Packer (attaches to butt stock and holds 2 magazines).  $1000 firm (cash).

I’m in Burlington County and willing to travel 30-45 minutes from 08016 area for transfer at mutually agreed FFL (prefer Howell Gun Works).  Buyer must have proper forms of ID (NJ FID/DL) and is responsible for transfer/NICS fees.

The first to post "I'll take it" on this forum establishes the buyer.  Please follow up or ask any questions with a PM.  Thanks for looking.








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    • So I do think they would try to block as long as they could get away with.. I am just pointing out the D.C and  Illinois had shall issue imposed on them and tried to screw around… Both times the Judges who passed the ruling took it personal and got them straighten out in very short order.. I think the Supreme count will feel the same way if disrespected. The LEO Carry law was passed by congress so there was no one to Kick NJ’s ass for not complying..      
    • I'm gonna guess that NJ school principals giving written permission for the general public to possess firearms on school property happens just **barely** more frequently than the granting of handgun carry permits by the state. As in - almost never.
    • If you don't think NJ will block as long as they possibly can, I suggest you look up the Federal LEOSA law and then compare to NJ's requirement that retired LEO must obtain a RPO permit in order to carry in NJ.
    • Every state currently has CCW available on the books. So If SCOTUS rules favorable in the NY case we should effectively get CCW “Shall Issue” in every state. Correct? As I believe the NY “May Issue”  rule is the concern.. I have read a lot of people say regardless of the ruling NJ will screw us but I would like to point out D.C tried to screw around when they got Shall Issue CCW imposed on them and I believe it was the Federal 4th circuit Judge who passed the ruling was having no part of it.    He got them in line in TWO WEEKS and at one point  it was legal for a day to Open Carry in D.C. with out a CCW license. He declared what they voted into law unenforceable or something and it took a day for D.C. to revise the law.  There where several pic’s of people open carrying with the Washington monument in the background.  In the end there implementation is not bad, they did not have to offer reciprocity but provided shall issue CCW option to non residents. Any-case the Supreme Court may do the same if states don’t follow their intention and try to screw around… They  often take it as a personal disrespect to their authority… Illinois(Chicago) had a similar situation and had to implement Shall Issue CCW and their initial attempt to implement was quickly corrected… They also don’t allow reciprocity but somehow got away with only offering people from 6 states with similar CCW rules the ability to apply for a non resident CCW.  So my thought is within 6-12 month of ruling NJ and NY will offer Shall issue CCW similar to D.C or Illinois.   Hoops to jump through but can be done. No reciprocity and limited Non-Resident CCW available. Once every state has shall issue CCW passing a federal National Reciprocity law is not as big a deal and will eventually get passed.  
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