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need a tree pruner bergen county..

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i have about eight  15 foot tall pine trees that i was told should be "topped and shaped" to keep them from growing out of control.  They serve a screening purpose but it would be bad if they turned into monsters so i'm all in on the idea of maitaining them to stay full and good height.   i asked my landscaper for a recomendation and a guy came in July.   He did a great job telling me what he would do and he told me the price and i said "great, when can you start?"  he said "2 or 3 weeks"..i said great..  That was July.   In August i texted him when he is going to start.  I got ignored.   yesterday i asked him again if he will do the job.  got ignored (we had communicated over text prior to this no problem).

I had heard that tree service guys are as good as gold right now, but i'm getting completely ignored.   So put your recomendations here.   I dont need a guy on a bucket,  i dont even need chainsaws..i just need a guy who is knowledgebable about how much to top off and shape to keep good growth.    and of course a guy who can be up a ladder of some sort to top them.



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