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***SOLD***- CZ Bren 2 NON NFA OTHER Firearm

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Absolutely pains me to list this for sale but I'm selling my CZ Bren 2 Ms 11" 5.56 non-NFA Other Firearm. Obviously NJ compliant. Probably one of the coolest guns in NJ (and to my knowledge the only CZ Bren 2) in the state in this configuration. Asking $3k. Located in NNJ willing to drive to NNJ/CNJ to FFL of your choice or can ship to your FFL. Obviously State ID+FPID will be required. Would be more than happy to provide any additional pictures/videos if needed.

It is completely upgraded and will come with the HBI 10.8" handguard, HBI extended charging handle, HBI trigger (which is incredible-comparable to my geissele SSA-E's), Dan Haga Design ACR stock/brace adapter, ACR to tailhook adapter, and Tailhook Mod 1. Will obviously also come with a magpul VFG. The Bren 2 comes with its original box, cleaning kit, factory BUIS (also very high quality) and I'll throw in a few 10/30 mags. 

Ive had it for under a year but have barely had the chance to shoot it much. Probably around the 200 round count. Most of it was zeroing different optic platforms to see what I liked most. Very light recoiling gas piston operated with a 3 position gas block. Action is smoother than my SCAR. Fully ambidextrous controls (ambi safety, mag release, bolt catch and bolt release), and 5 QD points. Has a very effective 3 prong flash hider which makes shooting under night vision easy. 


I currently have it AOW'd so it is an NFA item at the moment (folding brace, <26" OAL). HOWEVER, once we have made a deal, I will send a letter to the ATF to have it removed from the NFRTR registry. I will then have the brace pinned in place to put it over 26" OAL and revert it back to its original NON-NFA OTHER configuration. Therefore, it will transfer over to you as an OTHER Firearm on the 4473 like any other Other firearm or receiver as a title 1 firearm. It sounds a lot more complex than it really is, but nothing will have to be done on your side. 

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