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20 hours ago, kc17 said:

It seems I need to login to the 1A area more frequently than previously. Was this a change? Any chance that the 1A access can be assigned to an individual user as well to avoid the need of logging in all the time?

Your browser is responsible for memorizing your site login (username and password), not the website. Tell your browser to remember your credentials and you're done with that. (At least with IE, Edge or Chrome)

But to access the 1A Forum you need a password. (For that forum, not for you the user.) The site remembers that you provided the password for a while (some number of accesses), and then requires it again. I assume it's being held in a local cookie with an expiration timer.  I don't think that timer has changed recently.

So if it's the 1A password you're referring to, no way around that when it's required. At least at this time. I was wondering myself if the timer could be extended further, since we have to logon to the site first anyway to see the forum.

Site admins can correct anything I've guessed wrong.

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