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gun safety rule# 1 alec baldwin

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One problem i see for Baldwin is if he was firing that gun off set target practicing and the armorer was not involved where is they were removing the gun and returning it without the armorer's consent and the gun was left loaded from said practice that will open whole new avenues. 

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On 10/23/2021 at 3:36 PM, kc17 said:

The argument against him being responsible I see the most is he followed protocols based on "how it's done on set". "It's always done that way, other people are responsible, the actor is not expected to be responsible or know the safety rules." Just because "that's how it's done" doesn't mean it's the right way or how it should be. La Costra Nostra has their own rules they've followed for decades, does that make what they do right? 

Another thing I find infuriating is how Hollywood perpetuates the poor handling of firearms. How often do you see an actor immediately put his/her finger on the trigger? I've recently started re-watching The Sopranos (could you tell with the LCN reference above); in one episode Tony removes a revolver from someone's jacket and immediately has his finger on the trigger waving it around. I think he even cocked the hammer. He had no intention of firing it. 

I have zero sympathy for Baldwin. I have some sympathy for the people he shot, even though they put themselves in harms way. I am most upset that anytime people do stupid things with guns, it's bad for responsible owners. 

My understanding is they are not suppose to point the directly at another person in the vicinity but not at them. 

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