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Best snap caps that won't chip?

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Hey All,

Any thoughts on 9mm snap caps that wouldn't gum up my Beretta 92X?

I would like to practice my DA trigger squeeze and also loading/unloading. Now, I'm sure people will chime in that Beretta 92s can be dry-fired ad nauseum.

But if I *do* get snap caps I'd prefer to get something that doesn't leave weird metal or paint residue in the gun.

I would consider 357 / 38 special snap caps by the same token. 

Thanks again! :)

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If anyone's curious, I picked up some A-Zoom snap caps in 9mm, 357 Magnum and 223 Remington.

So far, they seem alright! They have a satisfying metallic "feel" while still being obviously fake (especially the blue 223 I got).

I used three 357s in my revolver and used the other 3 as a control group. After going through them about 20 times, the primer caps are indistinguishable from the unused ones. Have to say, snap caps work very nicely in a revolver since it doesn't have to cycle :D

The 223 cycle and eject properly. So far so good!

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