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Revolutionary Roller Locks NJ AOW Builder

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Well for a change of pace I thought I'd post about guns! Politics and the virus have me about worn out.

I saw a post on the HK forum about these guys, who I never heard of before. Since I have an HK-91A3 (at my PA location) I was curious about them. Then I found this page:

NEW JERSEY AOW BUILDER - Revolutionary Roller Locks (revrl.com)

Anybody familiar with these guys?

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I actually asked about them on arfcom and they had great reviews. I chatted with the owner too about their receiver.  I’m putting together a 300blk AOW at the moment but once that project is done, I’ll be buying a gram from them. I’ve always wanted an MP5. 

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On 3/4/2022 at 5:18 PM, always_an_eagle said:

They make an H&K 93 clone?

They advertise MP5 based but then they say this.......Money talks.....lol


Models and Availability…
The Roller Lock Builder will allow you to envision any firearm we can craft for you, from standard models to the depths of your imagination. Because each of our firearms are hand built there will be a lead time between your order and receiving your quality firearm.


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17 hours ago, Krdshrk said:

AOW can be under 26" OAL but does require VFG and Brace.

AOW Does not require a brace.
What it requires is not having a stock.

It’s an important distinction.

An AOW is basically an “other firearm” that doesn’t meet the overall length requirements.

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