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Amazon won't ship a scope to NJ?!?!

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48 minutes ago, Aleshka said:

Just tried to buy a simple .22 scope on Amazon and got the "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address" note. 
What is going on, folks?!?


F - Amazon, and Walmart.

 The same items can usually be found on Ebay and at a better price.


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21 minutes ago, Aleshka said:

True, and thanks for the link! But the whole situation is ridiculous - there is nothing remotely illegal in buying the rimfire scope!

You have to understand that children will die if they are allowed so sell that evil scope to the deranged legal gun owners in NJ!  When mounted on a bolt action .22 long rifle rifle, it increases that weapon's effective killing range to  2+ miles making it a sniper assault rifle!

To save lives, I have destroyed all of my shoulder things that go up, my magazine clips and all of my fully semi-automatic weapons have been melted down to make BLM hood ornaments!:mutley:

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1 hour ago, Aleshka said:

True, and thanks for the link! But the whole situation is ridiculous - there is nothing remotely illegal in buying the rimfire scope!

Nothing illegal in buying ammo online or a non-compliant AR rifle but many sellers won't ship to N.J. anyway.

I refuse to buy on Amazon unless I can't find the item elsewhere and/or the price is rock bottom. Neither of which seems to be the case much anymore.

At least you can still get 10 rd magazines on Ebay.

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14 hours ago, Lawnmower2021 said:

Oh that's whacky. I haven't ordered optics on Amazon, but I was able to order things like choke tubes and a flashlight without issue.

Amazon does it on many items. I tried to order Taser cartridges and they claimed they couldn't ship them to me. Apparently they decide internally, what's legal or not.

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