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shotshells legal in NJ

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15 minutes ago, Krdshrk said:

Just making sure you knew - not everyone knows - they think they can use these to shoot clays or something - nope.  It's short range snake/rat shot for pest control.

#12 shot for rats/bats/mice/moles. 

Ammo loaded with #9 shot ups the game, .44 Mag. shotshells with #4 shot ups the game past pest control but with distance limitations. 

Buy Pest Control Big 4™ Shotshell for USD 26.99 | CCI (cci-ammunition.com)

Reloaders can still find shot cups to roll their own in .357 Mag. & .44 Mag. 

Handgun Shot Loads (hensleygibbs.com)


We grew up learning to wing shoot using hand-thrown Mo-Skeet-O clays and a smoothbore Mossberg .22  


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13 minutes ago, Lawnmower2021 said:

These almost seem like a conversation piece unless you're getting your ankles attacked.

Seems like their pattern and penetration is pretty bad. Couldn't use these at indoor ranges at all, I imagine.

The .22's were abysmal hitting clay birds when I was a seven-year-old. Not the choice to breed confidence.  The smaller #12 shot is for anything below the ankle and distance is limited. 

22 Rat/Snake Shot Shells - Would they really protect you from a snake? - YouTube




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Someone gave me half a box at the range years ago, ran a couple through my Marlin with microgroove barrel at a plywood target 5-7 yards away.  I got hit by at least one ricochet that was so weak, I thought it wan an insect flying into me.  I don't really remember what it did pattern-wise, but there was no obvious damage to the plywood besides maybe a few #12 shot being partly embedded in the surface.

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