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Have you guys bought your Byrna's yet?

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6 hours ago, Sniper said:

What about this, from the Byrna stable. It's their TCR, Tactical Compact Rifle? One step up from the pistol. I saw a press release that Spokane PD bought 200 of them.


Also wondering if their stock would be a "buy" now, it's down from the high during the Summer. If the direction of the economy, mandates and other issues continue in the country, will civil unrest ramp up, increasing the interest in "less-lethal". Their stock symbol is: BYRN

Get an FN 303 if you want a REAL less than lethal alternative.  These are no joke.  With certain loads,  we were putting 3" dents in a 16gauge door over 200 ft away.  It will knock you down and keep you down.

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On 1/8/2022 at 3:18 PM, Grapeshot said:

If you want something like this but don't have $400 to shell out, the KImber Pepper Blaster is a pretty good alternative for < $50. 


I've carried these in a IWB holster at around 5 oclock on my belt for 6+ years.  Mine is clear(ish) red and I have had a few people ask about it if it does get exposed, including some still asking if it is a (real) gun.

My typical response (after explaining it is pepper spray) is that is about all the state of New Jersey will legally let me carry since they won't issue concealed carry permits to people who haven't already been murdered once or twice.  This usually gets a laugh.  Or a pained, sad, sorrowful look if the person lives in a free state.

For what it is worth, they seem structurally well made and have held up to being on me pretty much all waking hours for multiple years.


If you get one, if possible, check that you will be getting a fresh one.  They have expiration dates 4? or 5? years from manufacture.  I've seen some cheaper ones on ebay that were cheaper because they were old stock and had like 3 years left.

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