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Red Dot for .22 Pistol

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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in optics but the last time that I posted in optics, nobody responded.

I'm looking for a red dot to mount on my Barretta Neos.  The cheapy that I have now, isn't visible in daylight.  I'll be shooting up to 50 yards in friendly competition.  I'm not even sure what dot size I need . . . 

I would LIKE to stay under $150 but I can go higher if I wait . . . . 

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I actually use a cheap NCStar multi reticle sight on mine - it hasn't moved and holds zero, but it's not the greatest quality.  Get what you pay for there.

I would say look for a deal on a Holosun HS407c but those will be over $200 usually, and you may need to get a picatinny mount plate for it.  A Vortex Crossfire would most likely be too large/heavy for it.  That's an optic I use more for my Rifles.

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On 3/14/2022 at 8:01 PM, Krdshrk said:

I think you'd still need to get a picatinny adapter for it

The Neos has a rail . . . 

14 hours ago, gleninjersey said:

Use the money you'll spend on optics and buy ammo.  And then practice, practice, practice.  

Sound advice . . . I'm sitting with about 5000 rounds of .22 and can buy more when the time comes.  But, if I can't properly see the target, the practice isn't going to get me where I want.  

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