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Displaced Texan

WTS: Misc AR/Shotgun/ firearms parts

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Cleaning out the parts bin and have a few items to let go. I have another bin to look through, so I’ll add more as I locate them. Some parts are NEW, I either bought by mistake or went a different direction. Save a couple of bucks off of retail price. 
Prices INCLUDE shipping in CONUS. 

1)**Sold to Palmtree** Extended A2 style muzzle brake with crush washer. NJ compliant. This will make a 14.5” barrel 16.2” long.  Pre-drilled for pin/weld. New, never used. $20

2) **Sold to Palmtree** Colt take off charging handles. Yes, they are genuine Colt…all I own are Colt ARs. I have 2. $20 each. 

3) Colt M4 take off hand guards. Yes,  they are genuine Colt, I took them off my 6921 upper myself. $25

4) Nordic Components BCL-12 shotgun barrel clamp. 
New, never used, as I bought the wrong one. $30

5) Magpul M-Lok Extended cantilever scout mount. New in package. I don’t have M-Lok and apparently didn’t have my glasses on when I ordered this.  $30

6) Manticore Arms Brass Buster. Fits Steyr AUG and MSAR. 
New, never used. Went a different direction. $20

7) ** Sold to 18Steel ** Knights Armament Co VFG. It’s been sitting in a drawer for awhile. Midway charges $80(!!!!!) for one of these. I don’t know what to charge..$20 shipped? 

8) ARMS 19LD ACOG mount. Dual QD levers. I think I picked this up in trade, but I’m more of a LaRue guy. $50

9) ** Sold to Brucin**Trav Tac bag. This is a small, over the shoulder tactical bag. Measures about 12” x 10”. Pen to show scale. 3 zipper pockets. Makes a great mag carrier for the range. I use a larger version of this pack for carrying gear at the ranch.  It’s comfortable, and nicely made. It really IS an awesome bag. No, I’m not going to model it for you. $20

Y’all know the rules…first one to post ‘I’ll take XX item’ wins the item. Post must be followed up by a PM. 
Again, all prices INCLUDE shipping in CONUS.











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3 hours ago, Displaced Texan said:

Putting the remaining parts on hold for awhile. I’ll be traveling out of CONUS for a few weeks. 

Will notify when I’m back in country. 

Stay safe my fellow Swabby.....Even if you were a Bubble head! Watch your 6!

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