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WTS - Volquartsen Ruger MK3 Target Frame Brand new

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I bought a Volquartsen Target Frame Ruger MK3 as I was bidding on a MK3 and lost and ended up with a MK4 instead so this was never used, installed etc. I have no other parts, grips, magazines etc, just what is in the pictures.

Here is the link to the Volquartsen page with the description https://volquartsen.com/inventory_configurations/559

The VF Target Frame is CNC-machined from billet aluminum. It is a complete frame with the following features: Accurizing Kit (includes Extended Bolt Release, CNC-machined Target Trigger, wire EDM-cut Target Hammer and Target Sear), CNC-Machined Disconnector, and Extended Safety.

The VF Target Frame is shipped with a clean, crisp 2.25 lb trigger pull. No magazine disconnect is included with this frame.


I am asking 475.00

I am located in Westfield NJ 07090 exit 135 off of the GSP and would be able to meetup along 78, in Pburg or Easton or along 33 to Windgap or in Bangor PA.

First one to respond I'll take it gets it. Please PM me as well.




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Replace VQ1 photo with a better one

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I edited the first photo as my crappy photographer skills made it look like the lower hex screws are rusty. The new photo shows they are not.

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