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Mrs. Peel

Are YOU an Experienced Traffic Engineer?

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I have a task that I need help with this week or weekend... it would involve looking over a few brief traffic engineering reports with your expert's eye, seeing if there's any obvious gaps in the engineer's methodology or conclusions, and then helping me to formulate some really spot-on questions to ask at a meeting. I assure you, your name would not be involved in any way whatsoever!!  This is backgrounder info - I simply need to "pick your brain" on traffic engineering (a topic I know zilch about!) 

I would, of course, be willing to provide some (admittedly modest!) remuneration - perhaps a gift card to a nearby range? or, some ammo (if you don't live too far away to do an exchange)? We would discuss that upfront.

If you are qualified and interested, please PM me directly & let me know in that PM what traffic engineering firm you work for (simply so I can rule out any obvious conflict of interest).  



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