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WTS 45 Long Colt ammo and reloading supplies

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This was part of another ad with the gun which I sold privately. All below is included in the auction and I would prefer to sell it all together. Pick up in Linden, N.J. 07036 or I will meet you within a 30 minute drive. Cash money at pickup. Matching DL and FID card if NJ resident.

A Lee Precision deluxe 4 carbide die reloading set with primer holding shoe
                           in 45 colt.
                  One brand new old stock 50 round box of Magtech 45 Colt Cowboy Action
                            ammo; 250 grain lead flat nose.
                  68 pcs Magtech 45 colt 250 gr. lead flat nose bullets, new.

                 38 rounds of 45 colt handloads 250 gr lead RNFP over 9.0 gr Unique.
                 38 rounds of 45 colt handloads 255 gr SWC lead over 9.0 gr Unique.
                 50 rounds of 45 colt handloads 255gr FMJFP over 7.5 gr Unique.
                 149 reloadable 45 colt cases mixed headstamps 

        NOTE: I personally loaded the handloads on these Lee dies with a single            

          stage Lee press, checking each and every case visually for consistency of           

         charge. They are being offered as components, even though I have no 
        doubt that they are fine for shooting. The handloads and cases are in 
        plastic “case guard” style boxes. The cowboy loads are in the original 
        Magtech cardboard box. See all the pics for condition.

PRICE FOR ALL IS $150.00       FIRST "I'LL TAKE IT " WINS THE AUCTION      PM me with questions.













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