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I’m not sure why it won’t let me upload pictures, I will revisit the ad as soon as I resolve the issue. Or if you would like I can send high quality pictures via text.  

the fire arm is in near, if not perfect condition. I was in a kick for a little bit and acquired a few nice pieces. I have now started new hobbies and would like to free up some funds. 


comes with everything it has from original purchase, two magazines, soft case and target from the factory.

im located in northern nj, and can bring to a FFL of your choice in Sussex or warren county. 

i have never sold a gun, so I’m not all too sure what you need to bring to the dealer, permit is needed definitely.

i would like to get $3500 which I feel is a very good deal for both parties. 

first person to say I’ll take it gets it. 

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8 minutes ago, Redeye65 said:

9mm or 45acp

Sorry, I’m not much of a gun nut and forgot to add it. It’s 45acp 

I’d love to post pics. I was able to put one on discord but here it pops up and said -200… I have an iPhone 13 pro maybe that’s the problem. 

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2 minutes ago, JohnnyB said:

You are one of the first people who got into the gun hobby, especially very high end end guns who is getting out of the hobby.  The fact that you used the term "gun nut", says a lot! GLWS!

Ha! I love them to death. I just don’t have a place to shoot them / time to go to a range. I definitely didnt mean gun nut in a derogatory manner. I understand and appreciate a well crafted fire arm, I just don’t participate enough to justify them sitting around. I definitely don’t plan on un loading my entire collection. Just enough to fun another endeavor. If they don’t sell they can continue being my safe queens. 

realistically the only one i have touched in the last few years is my m&p 1522 for plinking.  That thing makes me grin. Coupled with my “facog” it’s a blast to send some (small) led down range. 

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5 minutes ago, JohnnyB said:

I must be the king of safe queens!  I am at a point in the hobby where I can't even count the guns that I never shot! My kids will have a ball when I die!

I’m definitely not opposed to that. I go through hobbies like a go through underwe… you get the picture. Again, I guess I should have though a little more thoroughly when I said “gun nut”, I just meant I’m not a too up to snuff in terms of technical specs to list. The more guns the marrier. 

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    • Selling a very good condition Bulgarian Makarov, used as a paperweight for about 3 years, comes with 2 magazines. Has factory Bakelite grips. Asking $500 all said and done, willing to drive or ship to FFL.
    • In my previous Pennsylvania life, I would often pocket carry.  In 2020 I spent 2 weeks vacation in Mississippi and Tennessee and pretty much carried everywhere.  It was great.  If you felt the ground shake in August of that year, it was because New Jersey residents visited Jefferson Davis' home in Biloxi.    Back to reality.... I will assume that it would be difficult to qualify with a pocket pistol that has a 10 yard range on a good day. But I have back up plans...
    • Regarding Murphy's absurd attempt to make all private property off-limits by default (which would 100% be overturned under Bruen): I think (hope) he may have a difficult time getting that through the legislature. Check out these two Politico articles, which specifically mention new Senate Majority Leader Scutari's reluctance to move on gun legislation. The Dems are very concerned about losing control of the NJ legislature in the 2023 elections. Perhaps we should organize grassroots lobbying. Phil Murphy's first 2024 hurdle: New Jersey Democrats As Gov. Phil Murphy tries to burnish his image as someone who's putting progressive policies to work, he faces a major obstacle: A skittish Legislature led by members of his own party.  https://www.politico.com/news/2022/06/25/phil-murphys-new-jersey-democrats-00041676 Scutari: Democrats strayed too far left in 2021 Scutari, though a North Jersey Democrat, has developed alliances with members of his party from South Jersey. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/04/19/scutari-democrats-too-far-left-2021-00026236
    • Unlike the FARS FID/P2P process for checking references by email.  The references on my carry applications have never been contacted, to the best of my knowledge. That's the purpose of having them sign in ink.  It's pretty much up to the Detective doing your background check to determine if he feels it is necessary to contact them.
    • So now that it's a reality, what are some recommendations for some good carry guns? I currently have a CZ P01.  It's a little heavy (28.1 oz unloaded) put could be carried.  Pros, it's a CZ.  I shoot it pretty well.  If round capacity restrictions are struck down I can easily buy standard 14 round mags for it. I also recently held a Glock 43X.  It weighs 18.7 oz unloaded).  It comes with 10 round mags but there are 15 round aftermarket ones available if things ever change. I've also recently discovered the CZ P-10 Micro-Compact.  It's smaller and lighter (20.1 oz) than my PO1 but only holds 7 rounds.  Being a CZ fan it caught my eye. So what are you carrying if you have been carrying.  And what are some suggestions for a carry gun?      
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