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Bullets, 308 147gr FMJ M80 .23/ea

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These bullets are factory seconds, @ 23¢/ea ($113.00/500ct), who cares.  It seems these bullets are normal except for slight variation in weight (+.2gr-.5gr avg).  Structurally, they are fine.


“American Bullet Company bullets technically are factory seconds, and are priced accordingly to provide more range time without breaking the bank. But, since Distinguished Rifleman Scott Young recently shot scores of 597 and 600 out of 600, with very high X counts, it’s easy to see they do not sacrifice on performance.” You can buy these bullets and save up to 50% compared to first-run offerings. Then you may want to sort the bullets by weight and/or base-to ogive measurement.

I have no experience with them, but reviews on AS and another site suggest they are as good or better than milspec and popular among service rifle reloaders.  I just ordered 500 to mess with.  Price is too good to pass up.

AMERICAN BULLET CO 30c (308) 147gr FMJ M80



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