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4 minutes ago, Fred2 said:

Constitutional carry?

Probably not that, but it appears they will have to have reasonable requirements, as the other 43 ‘shall issue’ states do. 

I don’t imagine things will happen quickly.

Bucky has to be flaming mad. :rofl:

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20 minutes ago, EdF said:


Any idea what this means for New Jersey?

A month or so ago, Governor Gopher stated "Not on my watch" to the question of whether concealed carry would be allowed in NJ following a favorable ruling.   So I guess he has no choice now but to resign.   :D

In reality, I expect the state to spend an inordinate amount of our tax dollars fighting this because they seem to operate under the delusion that Supreme Court rulings, or the Constitution in general, don't apply here.

Ultimately, NJ won't prevail--they will ultimately have to drop the justifiable need nonsense--so it's just a question of how slow, painful, and expensive they can make it.

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