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So now that NY’s outcome was announced, what happens next?

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2 hours ago, Downtownv said:

I wonder how this effects out of state license holders.

I would bet NJ will not offer reciprocity with anybody.


I agree.  I suspect that the state will fight, or at least complicate things as much as they can.

However, it would be nice to get a Pennsylvania license to carry before I move back there! 

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    • Well we will start doing the qualifying and use of force in a week or so. More details to follow. https://gunforhire.com/nj-ccw-permit/
    • Purchase permits, done thru FARS, contact the references by email. Th carry permit application is different.  Each reference must personally sign each of the 3 copies.  They want to make sure the references personally understand that they are vouching for your responsibility to carry a handgun.
    • OK, that's concerning.   How can a friggin' judge--the one who CCW approvals go to, no less--be 'unaware' of one of the most highly publicized Supreme Court rulings in recent years?   Even if hizzoner inexplicably feels no need to pay attention to what the highest court in the land is doing, the ruling saturated ALL media for a full 24 hour news cycle.
    • brings up the question again.....by the wording, can the judge not be removed from the process?
    • Posted in the other thread about the Bruen decision  thread...I called then went down to my local PD and they were pretty much ready with a packet they told me was updated this morning.  They removed the justifiable need and resume requirement (remnant from assumed security guard need), and told me they were aware of the ruling.  However they told me it typically goes to the county judge who they inquired as of this morning was unaware of the ruling and stated he would deny all applications.  The officer told me he expected that answer to change by next Tuesday morning and told me they suspect that they will probably push for the approval to be done either by local PD or NJSP once they see the deluge of applications that threaten to overwhelm the judge.  Coming is integration into FARS.  I have the packet and my only question is there is 3 references on the application which is to be filled in triplicate, so do it looks like I will need to visit each of my references in turn to complete the applications.  Only weird thing is I also have the pistol permit form in there as well, not sure why I need that unless I'm buying another pistol (never a bad idea...). Also waiting on what training course comes up that I can take to satisfy the qualification part of the process...
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