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Murphy wants concealed carry banned in restaurants and more

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25 minutes ago, quikz said:

Folks. You MUST understand. That the jersey legislature, judicial and Murph. Are FAR OUT Leftists by any of the National, normal standards. (86% of the USA is 2A CCW compliant and rising.)

This Means:

That jersey and especially Murph. Will utterly defy, to the CORE, by his own personal decree and based on his own personal 'feelings.' ANY AND ALL movement on 2A Rights, CCW, mag ban, and Supremacy of the Text, History and Tradition of the 2A issue. They will and have already, (illegally) blocked the High Court's Rulings. His highness is showing his True Colors of statist radicalism. Not Rocket Science here. Murph and the Gang, has already made it abundantly clear, their most extreme of extremist insurrection intentions to defy the SCOTUS. 

THE TRUE REASON Murph is against all this 2A stuff... It is NOT about """"public safety"""". The CRATS KNOW that as you have more people finally exercising their 2A Protected Codified Rights. These people of NJ will, **NO LONGER BEGIN TO VOTE DEMOCRAT.** They utterly know this and THIS is EXACTLY what is keeping them UP at night. They will LOSE over a century of their stranglehold on power and cronyism.  



yaknow? i've been told a few times of late that j is actually 49% republican. i find this hard to believe though, based on us not being able to get the vote out enough to get these dem turds voted out......

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On 7/1/2022 at 4:16 PM, voyager9 said:

The republicans proposed this years ago.  Democrats shot it down because they wanted their version of UBC (though FFL). 

That’s because their goal Isn’t to fix anything. 

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