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SCOTUS - NJ Mag Ban Vacated and Remanded

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On 8/3/2022 at 11:27 PM, MartyZ said:

I'm actually not bringing back my vacationing AR mags, they are all 15 rounders.

Once the mag ban is struck down I'm going shopping.

My pistol mags are all "permanently" reduced to 10 rounds. Those will all be unshackled, just need new base plates.

As was also questioned earlier in this thread, I am of the understanding that our current mag ban challenge addresses the 10+ round law, not necessarily the earlier over 15 round ban. However even if that is the case, I anticipate eventually that will be overturned as well. 

Certainly also looking  forward to bringing  my orphaned “children “ back home from their almost four year vacation in PA. We should plan a celebration.  Perhaps a meetup where we all bring only our standard capacity magazines, lol.


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