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6 years ago I got into a pushing match with some guy and he pressed charges.  I was convicted of a petty disorderly persons offense.  After 5 years it can be expunged from my record.  Am I going to have any issues either applying for ccw or even getting a permit to purchase?  Someone is telling me that even if you have a conviction expunged, it still shows on your record and that I am going to have a problem in either case.  He’s far from a lawyer . Just wondering if anyone has been through this or has first hand knowledge.

thanks in advance

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Take it from me , I had a disorderly for something different. Expunged my records myself, and have been approved For FID in new town after already having one. Permit to purchase as well. Ccw might be stricter who knows , but I guess I will be a Guinea pig and find out . Main advice I can offer , after your expungement is granted , serve EVERY party the order , I mean everyone you can think of , municipal , county , state , state police , etc etc . Then wait Bc they don’t all work at the same pace. Allow minimum 30-60 days after to ensure they followed the order. Then apply , you will be ok 

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