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4 hours ago, samiam said:

I spent a bit over 1-1/2 hours putting 136 rounds into Q targets at 7, 10, & 15 yards at South Jersey Shooting Club this morning. I wouldn't say I shot great, but I shot tremendously better than I had last Sunday at FMJ. I had maybe a total of 12 rounds off target area but on paper. Usually those were from the first shot after changing distance; for some reason, those tended to go just a little high. This is the only practice I will be able to get before qualification at Shooters on Tuesday morning, but I'm reasonably confident that I can pass a CoF like what I've seen described by others who have gone there. I will be interested to see if they live up to their promise over the phone of a CoF that can be accomplished with a 5-shot revolver without reloading gymnastics. Descriptions of that aspect of the qual there seem to vary considerably between the reports I have read. I do have 2 speedloaders, and I did recover my proficiency this morning for loading without them, but I'd prefer not to push my luck too far in that regard...

You got this !!!!


There are a LOT of people in your corner...keep shooting, keep DRY firing..keep a POSITIVE attitude...failure is NOT an option!



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