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AR-15 Most Popular Hunting Rifle

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On 8/6/2022 at 12:59 PM, 45Doll said:

I knew it was the most popular rifle. But not being a hunter, I didn't know this.

AR-15 Most Popular Hunting Rifle In America | ZeroHedge

In the right hands, and where legal, the .223 woodchuck round is capable for taking big game. I'm sure in Southwestern states where critters are diminutive in size the .223 serves them well. Better cartridge choices like 7.62x39, 6.5 Grendel, .308, .243 in an MSR platform might be better.

My cousin in MD was excited because he can now add another AR to his growing collection, as he's building a .350 Legend for deer hunting since MD legalized straight-wall hunting cartridges. 

I've been to many "deer camps" in my day over the last five decades and have yet to see anyone using an AR-style rifle for deer/bear here in the Northeast. I've seen Browning BAR's & BLR's, M700's, M70's, M760s' & M742;s, 336's, M94's, Ruger .44's, Savage 99's; but oddly not one AR15. Could be I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

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I, for one, would never hunt in the Northeast with a .223 or 556 AR. It's too much for squirrels and rabbits, and not enough for deer.  Now, when I'm out in the woods and it's pissing down rain do I wish I had a synthetic stocked bolt action? Yes. Do I wish I had an AR? Nope.  

I'm also kind of a traditionalist when it comes to hunting (I also hunt with a flint lock), so that probably sways my thinking about this a lot. Yeah, I know, in the fall I turn into a Fudd. I can feel the change coming ...

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