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SOLD - WTS Zastava ZPAP M70 NJ Compliant

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I have a recently acquired Zastava ZPAP M70 (black Hogue furniture), already NJ compliant with a sweet Lantac brake, Zastava scope mount, and a Zastava triangle stock (comes with the pad, you will thank me).  Comes with a 10 round magazine.

Recent production, purchased new in May of this year.  With the exception of the upgraded Zastava Triangle Stock and the Lantac Muzzle Brake, everything else is original as when purchased. 

It has under 200 rounds through it.  I acquired a few of these and then had the opportunity to add a WBP Jack to my collection, so I have to give up one of my prized Zastavas.

Asking $950 $900, which is a deal considering the brake, triangle stock, Zastava scope mount, pad, and labor for the compliance work already done (only the brake needed compliance work).   Comes with the original slanted brake, just to have.

It's in mint condition.   

I am in Monmouth county and can drop it off at Legend Firearms or Howell Gun Works to handle the transfer after payment received, so you can go whenever you want to do the NICS to pick up and it will be there for you.


The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale




2022-08-15 21.05.17.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.39.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.44.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.49.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.52.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.54.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.13.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.17.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.19.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.23.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.33.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.45.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.50.jpg

2022-08-15 21.07.51.jpg

2022-08-15 21.07.35.jpg

2022-08-15 21.07.18.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.58.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.55.jpg

2022-08-15 21.06.55.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.21.jpg

2022-08-15 21.05.31.jpg

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