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Walmart could be starting to turn more left

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Coming to a store near you?

Was driving around today over NJ border into NYS, WENT TO 2 Walmarts , shelves totally empty, no .22. No Rifles, No shotgun, Nothing. Asked the workers why so empty, was told they were told to empty showcase completely with no explanation.

Stopped by a 3rd and this sign was posted, with just some .22 and a few rifle rounds. Talk about information gathering.

This along with the CC company's, 


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37 minutes ago, silverado427 said:

Doesn't want another man touching her, screaming like that.

Guess this is this what happens when you only rely on C batteries 

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5 hours ago, silverado427 said:

Psych hold... STAT!

Yet another excellent example why they never should have closed down state mental hospitals across the country. Now the crazies walk among us. :facepalm:

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